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Cape Grim beef is the finest quality, hand-selected, flavourful, wholesome grass-fed beef, guaranteed to be tender and juicy.

This product is rated 5 on the MSA scale which equates to the top 5% of all Australian beef (both grass and grain fed).

Tenderloin, some consider is the most premium piece of beef on the animal, it comes with the highest level of tenderness and a mild taste. Suggest invest a little time considering how you will enjoy this experience, we suggest go for a petite steak of up to 250 gram (lightly seasoned with light oil glaze before placing on a very hot plate), or run with the perfect dinner party/get together of friends and roast the whole muscle (2kg's +). 

For a medium-rare steak of one-inch thickness, cook in a hot pan for 4 - 5 minutes on each side. Adjust cooking time according to thickness.

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