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Cape Grim beef is the finest quality, hand-selected, flavourful, wholesome grass-fed beef, guaranteed to be tender and juicy.

The rib eye sits between the chuck and striploin along the back of the animal. It has more internal fat than striploin but less fat coverage on the cut side. It is as lightly more tender cut than the striploin and due to the internal fat can be cooked to medium or even well done and remain very juicy. It’s the perfect roast for those that prefer their meat a little less bloody. 

Not previously frozen.

Roast beef cooking times

Roasting times

Oven Temp

Internal Temp


20 min per 450 gm (1lb) + 20 min


60o C


25 min per 450 gm (1lb) + 25 min


70o C

Well done

30 min per 450 gm (1lb) + 30 min


80o C

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