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January 8, 2016

From the same team as My Wine Man we are now launching My Meat Man. We have toiled for over a year and we thank all those that have provided feedback at tastings and have provided product requests. We have endeavoured to canvass a broad spectrum of the community, from chefs to everyday families, to ensure we have selected the appropriate products.

We have sample products available for viewing in our Wong Chuk Hang store - Unit A, 4/F, Yally Industrial Building, No. 6 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.  Phone 2554 5553. Open 9am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday except public holiday).

We are confident that we have delivered in providing highest quality products at reasonable price.

Very importantly we have sourced all of our beef and lamb from producers whom adhere to the Meat Standards Australia – this ensures the quality. Meat Standards Australia (MSA) was developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality consistency of beef and sheepmeat. The system is based on almost 700,000 consumer taste tests by over 100,000 consumers from nine countries and takes into account all factors that affect eating quality from the paddock to the plate. You may be interested to ask your current supplier if the Australian beef and lamb they are selling has met the MSA standard.

We have numerous premium beef, lamb,duck,goat,salmon and chicken products available now. Within the following months we will be adding to our already extensive range .The people of Hong Kong have diverse tastes and interests in meats and we want to be the team that brings it to you from hand-picked farmers, with attitudes to sustainability, animal care, and the environment that we admire. We wish to declare we are very proud to be working directly with all of our suppliers and their families.

We have built a light processing facility and employed the highest quality master butcher. We have completed this to ensure two essential requirements

1. The finest products in the freshest condition and
2. To provide a full range of products - including sausages, mince, diced portions, hamburger patties, crumb cutlets (coming soon), kebabs and sliced portions, made by us and delivered to your kitchen on the same or next day (just like your local butcher would).

We are delivering our initial promise of \'local butcher prices\'. All of our beef and lamb products have not been previously frozen. Our fresh chicken products are also never previously frozen (here soon). We are so confident that you will love what we do and what we are about, that we are providing a money back guarantee. We give you a challenge - please directly compare our products with your current supplier and if you are not happy with the quality let us know and we will refund your order. At the same time if you find a cheaper comparable* product elsewhere we will refund the difference.

We sincerely want to hear from you at [email protected]. Please peruse our range and let us know if you have any questions or any special requests as we will fulfill if possible.

As you browse the individual products pages please use the hyperlinks to the web pages of our suppliers to see why these products are so special and different.

This website has e-commerce meaning you can pay by credit card through paypal (no need to have your own personal paypal account). You can also pay by HSBC transfer or cash/cheque on delivery or you can "Click and Collect" from our Wong Chuk Hang store. All cheques are to be written to My Wine Man (not My Meat Man). The minimum purchase for free delivery is $800 for most areas. You can combine your orders with My Wine Man for delivery or collection. For free combined delivery you will need to purchase a minimum of $800 of products from My Meat Man OR from My Wine Man 12 bottles or $3000 worth of wine. Please ensure that when you place your combined order that you advise that it is a combined order as the websites are separate.

Should you chose to pay with paypal as a guest and have difficulty we suggest you join paypal as a registered user. There has been a global crack down on credit card fraud and as a result using paypal as a guest has a low chance of success. The error message frequently seen is that the email address or credit card you are using is previously registered with an existing account.

Please give us feedback or contact us if you have any questions.

Beef Producers ( Pinnacle/ King Island/ Great Southern)

We have the honour to provide these products on an exclusive basis across this region. We are launching with Australian beef as we have access to the finest Australian beef available and because in the numerous tastings our broad spectrum of tasters have rated it the highest.

King Island

We are especially proud to be the first and exclusive supplier of King Island Beef into this region. We now can deliver what is considered Australia's most premium natural beef. We recommend a visit to King Island as you may then fully understand why the products from the island are so unique.

King Island promises consumers an award winning, tender, flavoursome and succulent dining experience that is backed by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system. It is really something quite special in taste, texture and tenderness. Based on our tasters feedback our hope is that we can keep up with demand. Until now King Island beef has only been available in the super premium Australian domestic market.

King Island Beef is proudly sourced from cattle raised exclusively on King Island. King Island cattle are strict vegetarians that graze only on natural verdant pastures that are protected by the craggy coastline of this unique island that is world famous for its fresh produce. The environment is the purest in the world (CSIRO Australia continuous testing).

For those seeking the ultimate healthy lifestyle this free range grass fed beef has a superior flavour, and is very lean, and contains high levels of nutrients such as vitamin B12, zinc, iron and long chain omega-3 fatty acids to reduce cholesterol and help protect against heart disease.

The small island of King Island is located between the mainland of Australia and the island State of Tasmania.


‘Pinnacle’ represents the best of the best of the JBS family of pure Australian free range grass fed natural beef products. Only 2% of all the Great Southern product is chosen as high enough quality to be labelled under the Pinnacle label - similarly to the same stringent quality control that goes into selecting the best grapes for Penfolds Grange.

The beef for this Pinnacle range are carefully selected from the top MSA groups, with a MSA score of 5 - this is the highest rating and means that Pinnacle beef is rated in the top 5% of all Australian beef. It is sold to top 5 star restaurants in Australia such as


(co-founded by Robert De Niro and Nobuyuki Matsushisa). It is the ultimate in Australian grass fed beef. The farming areas are encompassed by the Great Dividing Range (Australia\'s most substantial mountain range) and refreshed by the cool pure clean air and high rainfall from the Great Southern Ocean. This provides the perfect environment to raise the finest British and European breeds of cattle. These breeds are renowned for their superior genetics.

The JBS Farm Assurance Program ensures customers get the added assurity that their product has been grown and treated using best practice for animal welfare, food safety and management procedures, consistently supplying quality to exact specifications.

So now the conundrum that most of you are facing is which do I choose - King Island or Pinnacle? Over many different tastings we can reveal the verdict is a split decision and that scores were always extremely close. The best way would be to buy both products - the same cuts and try both simultaneously.

Great Southern

The Great Southern brand is also free range pure grass fed beef from the same regions as Pinnacle. This beef also achieves the MSA grade 4 - which means it is in the top 10% of all Australian beef. This is still fantastic quality and may be considered for your "every day proteins" as it is so affordable. We rate this product very highly and, in our blind tastings, it was not far below in ratings to the King Island and Pinnacle products. We consider this a far superior product to 99% of the products for sale already elsewhere in Hong Kong. Which again reinforces how strongly we believe that King Island and Pinnacle are unsurpassed in Hong Kong against other grass fed beef.

Lamb Producers

Great Southern

The Great Southern brand is again free range pure grass fed lamb from the same regions as Pinnacle beef. This lamb also does make it to the MSA grade. This is fantastic quality and is very affordable. We rate this product very highly and in our tastings it was, on many occasions, rated as "best lamb ever"- we know this is a bold statement but we stand behind it with a guarantee* - if you can buy better quality at a cheaper price in Hong Kong we will refund your money.

Chicken Producers

Hazeldenes - More info coming soon.

* Comparable Product means both must be the same cut of product and both grazed the same and also MSA rated equal or higher.