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This is current wild Alaskan fishing season Coho Salmon.

Also known as silver salmon, Copper River coho arethe last of the three species to arrive each summer. Averaging about 12 poundseach, coho arrive in late August and September and feature a firm flesh anddelicate flavor. Many salmon lovers think it’s the best species for grillingwhich is a testament to its firm yet succulent texture. The beauty of CopperRiver coho is that it takes deliciously to robust marinades, rubs, smokingtechniques, and more. It also pairs beautifully with fall delicacies such aswild mushrooms, comforting mashed potatoes and creamy herbaceous risottos. Theseason is short and can be unpredictable due to rapidly changing weatherpatterns in the Copper River Delta during the early weeks of fall. Coho areoften sent to market fresh or they are flash frozen for the off season.

Nutritional Profile for a 3.5 ounce serving ofCopper River coho:




23 g


4 g

Saturated Fat

1 g


60 mg


55 mg

Omega - 3

1100 mg

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