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Leg of lamb comes from the hindquarter. It may be a whole leg with sirloin attached, partly boned or a center cut roast. The classic leg of lamb is the most versatile cut, as it can be rolled and tied, butterflied, boned, cubed for kebab or prepared whole. The leg, with little surrounding fat and minimal fat inside, can easily be trimmed to your specifications. The meat is tender yet firm and is suitable for a variety of cooking methods. It is an economical cut for entertaining and great for leftovers. Lamb legs will serve at least six, sometimes more.

Here is a recipe suggestion Greek style.

Not previously frozen.

Roast lamb cooking times

Roasting times

Oven Temp


20 - 25 min

180o C


25 - 30 min

180o C

Well done

30 - 35 min

180o C

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