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Cherry Tree Organics beef comes from the Blundy family farm 'Cherry Tree Downs' in South Gippsland, Victoria.

We consider this the most premium organic beef product on the market, and unlike any organic beef you may have tried yet. The quantities available are limited because the Blundy family farm is fully sustainable and stock is only released as the organic herd grows out over the seasons.

The family has practiced traditional bio-dynamic organic farming methods since 1988; breeding slow growing cattle and allowing them to reach maturity naturally. They breed Angus and Hereford cattle, these old style, British bred cattle are renowned for their tender meat,natural levels of marbling and an abundance of deep, rich flavours developed through a grass diet.

The animals are raised on their mother's milk until they naturally wean themselves they then naturally move to Cherry Tree Downs fresh organic pasture which receives more than 40 inches of rainfall a year. The animals are never fed any grain at any stage of their lives - 100% organic grass fed beef.

All animals raised at Cherry Tree Downs enjoy a low stress life in a natural environment, ethical considerations are foremost in the farmers mind – not only is this kind to the animals but it results in tender meat.

Feedback from our taste tests recently include terms like “silken” and “amazing” in texture.

Convenient size diced beef, available for home made kebabs, curries, or throw them on BBQ for the kids.

Certified organic, 100% grass fed beef.

Cooking Instructions
Pan-sear or BBQ

Cut Details

Weight 250grams per pack The product will be vacuum sealed to ensure a shelf life of 5 days from the day it is packaged.

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