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The signature Cape Grim pure grass fed, antibiotic and GMO-free, flavouring and tenderness ensure this is pure quality beef - 100% Grass Fed.

This product is rated 5 on the MSA scale which equates to the top 5% of all Australian beef (both grass and grain fed). 

Similar to the other cuts we typically leave a little more fat on the roast than the steaks, as it helps to generate flavours during the roasting process (any special requests on trimming and how you may want your roast prepared please call 2554 5553). The rump roast tends to be a little leaner than the other cuts and maybe be assisted with some basting during roasting, or the additional seasoning of olive oil,salt & pepper. This will be very nice with some mustard or horseradish on sandwiches the next day. Being grass fed, the next day product tastes a little cleaner and some suggest the flavour develops further when chilled down.

Not previously frozen.

Roast beef cooking times

Roasting times

Oven Temp

Internal Temp


20 min per 450 gm (1lb) + 20 min


60o C


25 min per 450 gm (1lb) + 25 min


70o C

Well done

30 min per 450 gm (1lb) + 30 min


80o C

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