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Cape Grim beef is guaranteed to be tender, juicy, and of the highest eating quality. 100% grass-fed | No grains – ever, No antibiotics – ever, No Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPS) - ever. Compared to other beef products, you should find it to have a rich and full flavor – reflecting the grass-only diet of the cattle. It is rated 5 on the MSA scale which equals the top 5% of all Australian beef( both grass-fed and grain-fed)

Often deemed the most tender cut of beef, Tenderloin provides an exceptional eating experience at the smaller portion sizes. Grass Run Farms Tenderloin delivers rich, juicy flavors whether cooked sous vide, grilled, or broiled. Not previously frozen.

Cooking Instructions:
Best served rare to medium-rare, beef tenderloin is one of the most prized cuts of the cow. Our favorite way of preparing beef tenderloin is to sear it with a tangy mustard-based crust and serve it over asparagus and mint with a balsamic drizzle. Divine would be an understatement.

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