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For those who like it hot, hot, hot

Net weight: 300ml

Chilli lovers rejoice. This sauce will excite the taste buds and give you that spicy kick you crave. Made right here on our farm, our Chilli Sauce is a family recipe passed down through generations.

Pair with: Asian Dishes, Soups or Dipping

Description: A blend of birdseye and habanero chillies, it’s got the words ‘very hot’ on the bottle for a reason. It’s specially made for those who are used to some heat.

This gluten-free and vegan Chilli Sauce is ideal for dipping, smothering, and pouring onto whatever you think needs a bit of spice

Ingredients: Chilli (29%) (Birdseye [1%], Habanero [1%]), Sugar, Tomato, Vinegar, Onion, Apple, Cornflour, Garlic, Sea Salt, Spices.

Gluten free: Vegan

Refrigerate after opening

Nutritional Information:

Servings Per Pack: 22.8Serving Size: 15g
Energy (100g)490kJ
Protein (100g)Less than 1g
  - GlutenNot detected
Fat – Total (100g)Less than 1g
Fat – Saturated (100g)Less than 1g
Carbohydrate – Total (100g)28.0g
Carbohydrate – Sugars (100g)
Sodium (100g)250mg

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