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This product is rated 5 on the MSA scale which equates to the top 5% of all Australian beef (both grass and grain fed). 

2 Steaks per pack as per the picture - if you order 500gm x 1 below you will receive 2 steaks at an average weight of 250gm each.

You are dealing with Australian royalty here with this beef from Cape Grim. The purest air and water on the planet lands on the most organic and natural pastures - 100% Grass fed. Cape Grim is truly something special and this product exemplifies it. 

This Rib Eye cut with just the right amount of marbling lending to its full flavour and juiciness. Grass fed, hormone & antibiotic free Cape Grim steaks. Satisfy your craving with these flavourful and smooth textured steaks. It suits a good bbq hotplate or grill with some light oil and salt & pepper. No sauces required on the table with this cut, pure flavour. 

For a medium-rare steak of one-inch thickness, cook in a hot pan for 4 - 5 minutes on each side. Adjust cooking time according to thickness.

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